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Aúdio Vérité - On The Edge of the Banks

3:03 minutes (4.9 MB)

"On the Edge of the Banks" -- Here's a sketch that started as just a kind of breather after the full-on electronic assault of the last two songs. On this one, we get some real piano, organ (synthetic but still groovy), and -- finally -- some improv on the guitar. So this is my play time after electro-overload! The cool part is that when I auditioned it, iTunes rolled into "Tonanlage" right after it, and the contrast made it them both sound even better. So, variety is the spice.

©2007 Aúdio Vérité / Hackwrench GmbH Publishing

Aúdio Vérité - Tonanlage

8:45 minutes (12.03 MB)

If you were to picture me now, at the completion of Tonanlage, I would be relaxing -- sunk deep in a plush leather chair just like the guy in the famous Maxell commercials. Tonanlage is the German word for sound system, and it's very much the image and experience of the Maxell guy that the composition evokes for me.

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Aúdio Vérité - Werkin-Grüven

2:46 minutes (3.81 MB)

It's Electronic Rock. Not "Techno". Don't forget that!

Ah, today's piece. This was another fun bit of self-indulgence. Another "got the main concepts down, makes a nice standalone piece, and maybe I'll flesh it out further down the road" work. But it's certainly enough to enjoy for now. A finger-poppin' guilty pleasure, at the very least, and striving to be an homage, in the realm of minimalism, at its greatest potential.

And that brings me to our behind-the-scenes impetus for today's composition: Minimalism. More specifically, Minimalism-by-Necessity. I'll save you the Agony of the Artist, but suffice to say that today's work was, by necessity, a MIDI-only piece. With that limitation in mind, I set out to create the most evolved "synthetic" work I could. Thank the Fathers of Electronic Rock (or, if you insist, Techno-Pop, although I really feel that in 2007 "Electronic Rock" is really the best retronym.)

So, pop piece or minimalist expressionism -- Whatever it strikes you as, may you enjoy its two minutes and forty five seconds of sonic simplicity as much as I enjoyed making it. Who knows where -- or even how -- it'll finally end up!

©2007 Aúdio Vérité / Hackwrench GmbH Publishing

Aúdio Vérité - Delirious Ways (unf.)

3:03 minutes (5.59 MB)

This is a cover song, which should be fairly obvious from the moment you press play. I did this, start to finish, in less than 4 hours on a lazy Saturday morning. (Yes, every instrument. And producer, and engineer. Oh, and I got my own water.) I even sang. I'm no Buona Voce, but I managed to keep on key for the most part -- who knew!

I've always wanted to cover this tune and I guess it took the liberating Saturday morning delirium to lower my inhibitions and just tear into it. I'm pretty happy with the results, but then again, I'm still delirious.

Oh, it's only half-complete. It ends right before the very cool break in the middle, which now I'm thinking I might want to go back and finish some day.

I think it's pretty cool. If you don't enjoy it, I still did.

© 1991 Paul David Hewson and Friends

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Aúdio Vérité - Feel Like Faltering

2:57 minutes (2.71 MB)

Use: This piece was featured in two episodes of the fifth season of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, by CBS and Alliance Atlantis.

©2004 Aúdio Vérité / Hackwrench GmbH Publishing

Aúdio Vérité - Dedication

3:10 minutes (5.81 MB)

©2005 Aúdio Vérité / Hackwrench GmbH Publishing

Aúdio Vérité - Jeantes Un Kaffe

4:59 minutes (6.86 MB)


"Jeantes Un Kaffe" was recently optioned by National Public Radio, and will probably see use as bed music (music played under narration or other vocal work) during one of NPR's regular programs in 2007 or 2008.

©2007 Aúdio Vérité / Hackwrench GmbH Publishing

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