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Nostalgic For the Future I Once Had

Nostalgic For the Future I Once Had

The Thrill of Self-Discovery
In San Francisco, Some Time in 1997

Me: Not an "early adopter" in a certain sense of that tech-related term. But to leave it at that would give you the wrong impression of me. A distinction needs to be made, and in the following few words, I'll try to make it.


The expression early adopter leaves a (mixed but mostly) bad taste in my mouth, evoking a negative connotation -- born from numerous wealthy, spendthrift fathers of friends of mine, who clearly had more money than time to spend with their children. I would never see the father, but the son or daughter -- my friend -- in a number of strikingly similar cases, would invariably invite me 'round the house. Vast open interiors, devoid of actual human presence but teeming with expensive items that were clearly present for a whim's sake. I would, again, invariably be brought to the office-room full of gadgets. The expensive items, each touting a hopeful future if only their technological ideas would be permanently adopted, shouted out to me in a silent voice that I can only now really interpret: These fathers had no time for their children, only their jobs. And the multi-thousand-dollar trinkets (which is all they really were under the gloss and the hype) were, each, more of a child to this breadwinning-yet-still-absent father -- much more than his actual children. My friends didn't realize it at the time, but to their parents, it was they themselves -- the poor rich kids -- they had become obsolete.

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"Moments of Brilliance": Our Latest Feature

Join Hackwrench GmbH As We Unveil Today
A New Featured Section:

"Moments of Brilliance"

Be sure and see for yourself at http://www.hackwrench.com/?q=brilliance. It'll also always be available in the main navigation sidebar on the top-left of Hackwrench.com.

What exactly are "Moments of Brilliance"?

Well, as you've no doubt recently seen on any street in any city, digital cameras -- especially those in the form of cell phones -- are becoming ubiquitous, making our lives more documented than any prior time in history. The same is happening to our conversations: First with email, and more recently with text and instant messaging.

Theoretically, "Moments of Brilliance" might contain any such casually captured moment of life. The first few items are up now. Do check them out. What we have so far are primarily clips from IM conversations that are either: nostalgic, illuminating, surreal, or some combination of those attributes. What qualifies as such a "Moment"? Any such captured 'slice' from our lives. It doesn't even have to be in an electronic format; for example, drawn art or handwritten notes can be scanned for display, preserving their original form of expression.

Original thought, an accidentally captured portion of a conversation that turns out to be a muse, or merely a subtle allegory -- discovered treasure, if you will -- of some mundane-yet-profound aspect of our lives. Even intellectual horseplay is perfectly at home here. Have a look at what's been posted so far, and you'll see what is meant by that.

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Finding "Hope"

As the title to this article, "Finding Hope" has a very blunt and somewhat obvious double-meaning. In a few sentences, I'm going to ask you to re-think that title, and I hope you get a chuckle, as I do. Because what it means is not necessarily what you think it means. Not in this case.

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The Circuits Blowing

0:35 minutes (1.08 MB)
The Circuits Blowing
(Click picture to enlarge.)
For those of you who don't recognize this photograph: It's from a spectacular split-second moment during a recent, ultra-high energy rock concert. (More below...)

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She Saves Me Again

She saved my ass again.

However, it's with some bashfulness that I confess that "she" is -- once again -- not a person, but the GPS navigation unit in my new Superphone. (I refuse to use the buzzword "smartphone". Trust me, they're designed by humans -- many of whom aren't that smart.)

My (Current) One and Only

My (Current) One and Only

So, it's like this. I'm back in my humdrum life again after that splendiferous vacation I told you about, during which I fell in love with Superphone after she guided me around Sacramento. (Anyone who knows me knows I'm exaggerating, playing myself down. My life is not that boring; I merely fear that it is.)

So what's so special about how "she" saved my ass today? Simple: the Nav capabilities of the phone (which are phenomenal, and remember, this is a skeptic speaking) allowed me to wander & explore places I haven't been to. Now it has a workapplication as well, which is what this article is about.

So, today I'm back working after that nifty vacation I told you about. And the work ain't bad. The only thing honestly that's bad about it is the just-out-of-reach expectations I place on myself. And the job became -- as tech jobs often do -- more than I bargained for, literally.

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