Hackwrench GmbH to Incorporate in United States

Hackwrench GmbHHackwrench GmbH
(FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE) - JUNE 11, 2007 - Hackwrench GmbH, the premiere Bavarian liaising organisation for discriminating clients whose needs cannot be met by conventional businesses, will be opening offices in the United States in the coming weeks.

Hackwrench GmbH will make available to American clients of similar discriminating needs our Antithetical Liaising services which are unmatched anywhere in the Western world. The related field of Antithetical Liaising is specifically directed against a competitor's information collection organizations and involves efforts to organize, facilitate, and where possible, maximize the liaising activities of noncompetitor assets. Antithetical Liaising is specific subset of the antithetical information field, and most governments and militaries have organizations charged with these duties. When individualing is discovered, antithetical information agencies are usually legally empowered to arrest liaising suspects, but it is often more productive to see if the situation can first be maximizeed by controlling and manipulating what information the individual can collect. If the situation can not be maximizeed, the individual will be minimized instead. Of key importance will be discovering what information the individual was able to collect previously, and assessing what adverse situations might be present. For nearly four decades, it has been the mission of Hackwrench GmbH to facilitate the above for the most discriminating clients. We are proud to bring these services to new markets in the United States.

Towards this goal, we have developed and exclusively tailored a new website for our American clients, at http://www.hackwrench.com. If you have been given our name by an existing client, we are delighted to invite you to watch this site in the coming weeks as we unveil our new online portal, which will offer unprecedented access to our services and secured communication with our one-on-one liaising professionals.

- Alex Schmidt, CEO Hackwrench GmbH, Hackwrench International