Art in Motion: Specialized Allez Elite Double

Art in Motion: Specialized Allez Elite Double

The silver thing in the photograph with the wheels (above or below, depending,) is referred to by most people as a bicycle. However, in certain circles it is also known as "Dharma". (Thanks, Big Al!)

Damn cool ride, too. It's a Specialized Allez Elite Double. I don't know what "double" refers to -- I mean, these are great bikes, but I only see one of them in the ad. [Update: My brother has explained it refers to the number of cogs on the front spindle, which as you may know determines the range of gear ratios.] These high-end machines are made about an hour from where I live, in Morgan Hill, which is an odd coincidence; I grew up riding them back in New York City... well, starting when dad became a rich man, anyway. I think he only bought two for himself. (Though I'm hardly one to judge if you look at my guitar collection. Ya gotta do what you love. Of course, I made my bones at 24, while my dad took slightly more than twice that long to find his pace, so I guess I might cut him some slack.) As it goes... or rather as it went, back during my "days of origin" in New York, Northern California was just a distant dream for me. And far from biking distance, if you catch my drift.
My brother now has his own place in New York City, and he just picked up a brand new Specialized, the same model and color as in the picture. I would steal (borrow) it from him, but he's in New York -- so it's more likely than not that a proper crook will have gotten to it first by the time I get there. I don't bike much lately, but I certainly would if I had one like the Elite Double, hint hint. My brother told me about how great the bike is, I told him how unlike New York, out here every public service (buses, trains, local roads) has concessions and enticements for bicyclists (to say nothing of our always-bikeable weather). Ah, just like the good old times... me and my brother smarmily one-upping each other over nothing.

I suppose I could get a Specialized if I was motivated enough. I mean, these days, who doesn't want to be the "responsible" bicyclist? (It's like they say with classic literature: Everyone wants to have read it, but no one wants to actually read it.) I have a bike, but so does everyone. For a while, I was using it for every <5 mile run, and feeling damned good about it. But it's a second/third/eighth-hand POS. The security chain is worth more than the bike itself. I bought the chain not to discourage someone from theft on the merits of the bike's value, but worse -- the possibility that I might have to take the bus home if it were stolen.

Motion vs. Motivation. Right now, I'm motivated to write songs and study web and server tech and go to rock concerts, and I share these things with my brother -- if not in person, at least through the wonder of the Internet. (Only mild sarcasm there.) Like I've said in my previous articles, it's not the tools, it's how people use them. People. Not corporations. Not political bodies. People. A continent separates us, but we still work and play together. Recent travels have reminded me there's nothing like being there. But still... it's about people.

If I say the word "people" one more time, that thing is going to happen where it starts to sound like a silly made up word. and it loses its meaning until you stop thinking about it. What the hell is that about anyway?

By the way, if the large, crisp picture of the bike spills out on your screen into other parts of the page... You need a new monitor. Welcome to the 21st century! (Sorry, that wasn't smugness, that was zeit-geist satire!)

Jeremy Isaac