"Moments of Brilliance": Our Latest Feature

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A New Featured Section:

"Moments of Brilliance"

Be sure and see for yourself at http://www.hackwrench.com/?q=brilliance. It'll also always be available in the main navigation sidebar on the top-left of Hackwrench.com.

What exactly are "Moments of Brilliance"?

Well, as you've no doubt recently seen on any street in any city, digital cameras -- especially those in the form of cell phones -- are becoming ubiquitous, making our lives more documented than any prior time in history. The same is happening to our conversations: First with email, and more recently with text and instant messaging.

Theoretically, "Moments of Brilliance" might contain any such casually captured moment of life. The first few items are up now. Do check them out. What we have so far are primarily clips from IM conversations that are either: nostalgic, illuminating, surreal, or some combination of those attributes. What qualifies as such a "Moment"? Any such captured 'slice' from our lives. It doesn't even have to be in an electronic format; for example, drawn art or handwritten notes can be scanned for display, preserving their original form of expression.

Original thought, an accidentally captured portion of a conversation that turns out to be a muse, or merely a subtle allegory -- discovered treasure, if you will -- of some mundane-yet-profound aspect of our lives. Even intellectual horseplay is perfectly at home here. Have a look at what's been posted so far, and you'll see what is meant by that.

There is some categorization. This should give you an idea not just of the subject matter of an entry, but also which entries are sincere and which ones are jocular in nature. So, Enjoy! And if you have any captured moment of your own you think fits into this, don't hesitate -- use the "Contact Us" link at the top of the page, and we will gladly consider your "moment" for preservation.

Some entries are simply meant to invoke a thoughtful smile. The more moving ones can be striking, a kind of digital postcard -- All of which has never been more possible than it is now.

This is the place for those moments.

Jeremy Isaac