Ignorant Eurotrash can eat me.

I am in rather a bit of pain this evening.

Trib, Post-AccidentFrownie Face :(

Some Eurotrash dipshits decided to be in my way, standing in a really moronic spot on the Brooklyn Bridge as I was pedaling (rather quickly) toward home on the Brooklyn end of the Bridge. Fucking morons. And, as I swerved to avoid them taking their very essential photos of lower Manhattan, I plowed right into some other unsuspecting dude... before then plowing into the pavement of the onramp of the bridge. Got the whole left side of my face scraped, and luckily, was wearing my helmet as the left side of my head pummeled into the very hard ground (put a nice dent in the helmet... let that be a lesson to you young folks!).

So, after this mishap, I hobbled over to the Beagle to inform Drummond Holtz and Co. that they will have to do without me this evening, as I am in rather a bit of pain.

And then went home to tend to these rather tender wounds, and at the very least watched the Yankees beat the Red Sox (hooray).

Yield, Motherfucker.Next Time, Yield, Motherfucker.

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