Hackwrench GmbH Acquires Locations of Operations in Several U.S. Cities

(FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE) May 27, 2007 - Hackwrench GmbH has announced the acquisition of several offices of operation in the United States for the conglomerate's expansion into America. Full details will be forthcoming in the following weeks; however, leasing arrangements for operational sites in the following locations have been secured: New York City, Palo Alto (San Francisco Bay Area), Los Angeles, Arlington VA, and Buffalo NY (Serving Toronto, Ont.).

Further details will be posted to http://www.hackwrench.com as they are announced, including more specific information about the locations (announced and unannounced), and when and how you may begin to contact someone in your area.

- Jordan Sikking, VP Worldwide Marketing, Hackwrench GmbH, Hackwrench International