"How's it Goin', Then, Eh?" Good. Damn Good.

Q: How's it goin', eh?
A: Good. Very, very good.

As I hinted at somewhat abstrusely in my last post, I've taken on a new job -- Which just happens to begin at approximately 9am and finish usually around 5pm. But that's actually the good news. I'm working for a profitable tech company in The Valley. And at a new-ish tech company, you may be aware that having the ability to go home most days at 5pm is practically a luxury. And, lest I idealize my new working environs, I dare say it's been a blast for the first two weeks.

office space 1

Modern Office Politics In Action

And let's not forget Monty, and the role he plays in this. (More pictures here.) He's as exuberant as ever. Always, always, always a good time. Best of all -- he gives me something to come home to, a bright and happy face who's thrilled to see me at the end of a good day's work. And waking up in the morning is easier with a kitten. He's my most reliable alarm clock. (I challenge you to find one at Wal-mart that pounces on you, purrs, and licks your nose if you don't get up in time for work.)

I don't blog from my office*, though there is more than enough 'flex-time' which would allow me to do so. I'm usually just engrossed in what I'm doing. There's an energy going through every vital tech company, a tangible feeling of living with a finger firmly on The Pulse of The Times. Ensconced in the milieu of people who are alive and working in the present, and feeling a part of the zeitgeist, that you just don't get from being a hither-and-thither consultant. And when I'm not engrossed in the work, I'm busy re-engineering the coffee equipment/protocol in the open-air kitchen for improved efficiency... Mostly as an excuse to socialize... And vet out just how many of our (largely Eurasian) software staff are female and "of interest" to yours truly. Whatever that means...

Don't misunderstand, I slack as much as my peers. But it all just seems to fit and flow. If it weren't for Monty, I might feel more at home at work than I do at home. This might just be -- I venture to say -- a Good Place To Work. Time will tell; it's only been two weeks. But initial signs are good. The humor around me, with my peers, is usually pretty high. No TPS Reports yet.

(*Oh, and yes, I do have an office. Despite my multiple joking references to Office Space, I actually do have it pretty good. No cubicle farm for me. I share an office with my small & fairly tight-knit group, a fairly "flat" structure which includes Our Leader -- a guy who not only practically hired me on the spot, is a sharp wit (read: a wise-ass in my own tradition), and so far unlike pretty much every boss I've ever had. In fact, I try very hard to stifle myself from calling him my "boss". He's what you want in a leader, at least in my field. He's easygoing, appreciates the sense of humor and camaraderie almost more than the work itself. And yet while he's making us feel like equals, he's at the same time no slouch in A) getting us the things we need to do our jobs, B) getting the best out of us, and C) working for us when necessary, speaking to the higher-ups with casual but determined conviction. It just all bodes well as corporate cultures go. Oh, that and he volunteered to get dunked twice in the dunk-tank, when the executives each went once.)

So... feeling so very confident to be back at a "good" tech company that I scarcely know what the best part is. Of course, I'm getting at what I like to think the best part is: flirting with the women in engineering (the group that makes up the bulk of the office population). I'll be sure to report here on how that progresses... How could I have underestimated one of the most important aspects of the job?

Just for clarity, I do subscribe to the tenet that "You shouldn't get your meat at the same place you get your bread." It's mostly harmless flirting, if there is such a thing. It's a rule I've broken once or twice in the past very carefully, and with some success. And besides, after mere survival, isn't earning a living a means to that end anyway?

Joie de vivre; C'est la vie.

Your Happy Worker,
Jeremy Isaac