Hackwrench GmbH Welcomes Jordan Sikking, Vice President Public Relations

Hackwrench GmbHHackwrench GmbH(For Immediate Release) January 22, 2007 - Hackwrench GmbH is proud to welcome Jordan Sikking as Vice President of Worldwide Public Relations. Mr. Sikking has more than 20 years of experience in the news media, research methodologies, state government and legislature, and in various public relations disciplines.

Mr. Sikking has consulted at the executive PR level for more one dozen of the top 75 NYSE corporations and five at the top of the FWB, including Deutsche Bank, Reuters, and Credit Suisse. The Board welcomes Mr. Sikking, whose exceptional record in establishing priorities in the global marketplace is unparalleled. Mr. Sikking has been quoted by Chancellor Gerhard Schröder as "The Great Motivator". Mr. Sikking literally wrote the book on Public Relations, with his 1998 book Die Meisten Leute Sind Kopfkrank seeing regular use at gymnasium level in over two dozen private institutions in Western Europe. Mr. Sikking is perhaps best known for the marketing idiom, (translated) "A company head needs to listen at least as much as he talks." Mr. Sikking formalized study of markets with the understanding that every problem can not be structured and reduced to a case study if the goal is to stay ahead of the competition in the modern global market. Mr. Sikking supports corporate incentives that feature additional research, culling relevant facts and acting on his renowned decisiveness. Mr. Sikking wrote famously of the "...necessarily certain amount of risk. Businesses don't have the luxury of slow decision making today." (Hoeff, April 2002 http://www.berlinerumschau.com).

The Board of Directors welcomed Mr. Sikking this week with an invite-only dinner during which he announced his ambitions regarding Westward Expansion, a project Hackwrench GmbH investors may be familiar with as Erforschung des Westens.