Imagination plus Automation equals Satisfaction. Add Aberration...? Delirium, Hallucination.

I recently came across something about the operation of the site which is probably trivial to you but which bugged me. So I spent a relatively superficial amount of time finding a quick and creative solution to fix the problem that no one cared about. That's right, I used a hack.

Did it work? Yep.

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Is it elegant? Maybe. Seeing as I was forcing the site CMS to do something I figured it should have been doing already, the elegance argument is kind of moot. Saved, as I was, by the fact that my hack could hardly be worse than that which I was hacking, since as far as I could tell, the feature was broken. Thus the need for the hack.

But with most hacks (of the creative kind, we'll not go there) there's an immediate sense afterward of, where does this lie on several spectra? (That's plural for spectrum. If you've gotten this far, you're smart, but I've no illusions about Stephen Hawking reading my site.)

The first is effectiveness. OK, it's effective. It didn't do anything (immediately -- that's key) to bring the world to a screeching, groaning halt.

The second is elegance -- in most people's perception. But I've just discovered the hidden criterion. The one we all feel after the creative spurt has given birth to a real, live, working solution. I'm sure there's a wonderful word that exists in the English language, but English is so limiting. Let's call it the "OhGawdJebus Please Don't Send The Earth Spinning In The Wrong Direction Just When All Seems Well" Factor.

That's what it's called for now. The gods of brevity aren't with me right now. They're probably downloading porn or something.

I mean, it's pretty obvious when a creative solution works right away. But as creator, you know there's a moment of cognitive dissonance: Sure, this works now. But is it going to keep working? I think somewhere in the inner workings of the creative mind, there's this unique node of anxiety. Anxiety has its purposes. And I'm sure this is one of them.

Let's face it. Life On Earth is perpetually in beta stage. And it's not going final anytime soon.

Jeremy Isaac