Aúdio Vérité - Delirious Ways (unf.)

This is a cover song, which should be fairly obvious from the moment you press play. I did this, start to finish, in less than 4 hours on a lazy Saturday morning. (Yes, every instrument. And producer, and engineer. Oh, and I got my own water.) I even sang. I'm no Buona Voce, but I managed to keep on key for the most part -- who knew!

I've always wanted to cover this tune and I guess it took the liberating Saturday morning delirium to lower my inhibitions and just tear into it. I'm pretty happy with the results, but then again, I'm still delirious.

Oh, it's only half-complete. It ends right before the very cool break in the middle, which now I'm thinking I might want to go back and finish some day.

I think it's pretty cool. If you don't enjoy it, I still did.

© 1991 Paul David Hewson and Friends