Aúdio Vérité - Werkin-Grüven

It's Electronic Rock. Not "Techno". Don't forget that!

Ah, today's piece. This was another fun bit of self-indulgence. Another "got the main concepts down, makes a nice standalone piece, and maybe I'll flesh it out further down the road" work. But it's certainly enough to enjoy for now. A finger-poppin' guilty pleasure, at the very least, and striving to be an homage, in the realm of minimalism, at its greatest potential.

And that brings me to our behind-the-scenes impetus for today's composition: Minimalism. More specifically, Minimalism-by-Necessity. I'll save you the Agony of the Artist, but suffice to say that today's work was, by necessity, a MIDI-only piece. With that limitation in mind, I set out to create the most evolved "synthetic" work I could. Thank the Fathers of Electronic Rock (or, if you insist, Techno-Pop, although I really feel that in 2007 "Electronic Rock" is really the best retronym.)

So, pop piece or minimalist expressionism -- Whatever it strikes you as, may you enjoy its two minutes and forty five seconds of sonic simplicity as much as I enjoyed making it. Who knows where -- or even how -- it'll finally end up!

©2007 Aúdio Vérité / Hackwrench GmbH Publishing