Travels and Travails

Rush - Snakes & Arrows CoverRush - Snakes & ArrowsPrelude:
Driving away to the East, and into the past
History recedes in my rear-view mirror, carried away on a wave of music down a desert road...
Riding through the Range of Light, to the wounded city, filling my spirit with the wildest wish to FLY!
Taking the high road...Taking the high road! ...To the wounded city
Memory strumming at the heart of a Moving Picture...
Driving down the razor's edge, between the past and the future
Ohhh, Turn up the music and smile!
Get carried away on the songs, And the stories of vanished times...


Travels and Travails

(Sun, 08/05/2007 - 9:45pm - Sacramento, CA)

This past week has been the culmination of so, so much from the last half-year or so. So....

As I write this, I've found a lull during the grand chaos. (And by grand I mean wonderful. Or maybe "Grand", as in a grand piano.) This is my last night in Sacramento, California -- a city I'm just now visiting for the first time. And loving it. A fortuitous combination of chance and hard, hard work is nearing its end. I chose to cherish the experience rather than document it -- a dilemma writers often face -- but there's SO much cool shit that I promise you it won't go unshared for long.... WATCH THIS SPACE :)

Sacramento, CASacramento, CA

Suffice to say about Sacramento: It's a beautiful place with wonderfully friendly people that I never would have expected from a state capital -- it's my antipathy towards anything to do with politics showing through. Sacramento has -- to me at least -- been the very opposite of all the bad things you can say about New York. Maybe it's partly due to chance; in fact it is both chance and hard work -- but even I'm surprised at the overwhelming number of "WTF OMG, this shit -- LIFE -- actually WORKS AS IT SHOULD" moments. One victory is virtuous. A string of them is... well, beyond words is the way I'd say it feels at this moment.

So much has happened this week, that it cannot and will not go unwritten. Travels and travails, hard work and VERY hard play... and of course, nary a moment to document all of those wonderful.... moments.
So as I peter out from a clinical overload of pleasure and pain (stop thinking that, Hellraiser fans, that was NOT a reference to sadomasochism!), I thought it best to put in a quick update, perhaps a 'tease'... It feels right now like my life has been bursting with experience (trust me -- the "bursting" will be here in demonstrable fashion when the photos come back!)

Experiences. Moments. Being in them. Doin' stuff.

The stuff of life. I can't resist a few more teasers:

Starman Logo

  • Steve Wozniak is a blast in person. He is unwittingly witty, highly entertaining, and quite possibly the funniest and most open guy in the industry.
  • Rush.
  • Rush.
  • RUSH!!!! (pant, pant, choke, gasp, breathe)
  • A 2008 Chevy Impala can do 120MPH on the right stretch of road in gorgeous rural California. This author (me) does not, at this time, know whether the 120 limit is the car's governor or if one-hundred-and-seventy-six feet-per-second was merely this author's limits under the circumstances. CLEARLY... further research in the field is required on this matter.
    Chevy Impala 2008: Zero to Sac in 2 Hours2008 Chevy Impala:
    Zero to Sac in 2.5 Hours

    (My Weekly Crime)

    • [Editorial Update:During the following day's "research" into the top limits of said Impala, the car's onboard computer politely informed me that "Speed is limited to 113MPH". My first thought was, what engineering genius picked 113?? Is there some secret wisdom behind this? My second thought was; thank god it didn't behave like the I-just-cut-your-fuel-line manner of my 2000 Sebring convertible. The Sebring (a great affordable fun car), essentially shifted forcibly into neutral at ~125 -- feeling almost like it had stalled completely at twice the speed limit! It would then "decline" to accelerate until you got below 110 again. I swear, each time this happened I thought I'd been harpooned.]
  • Not all "smartphones" suck, or are hideously overpriced. This is news, I [excrement] you not. Agree/disagree? You can always post your comments to my journal entries.
  • GPS Navigation systems have finally reached a graceful confluence of affordability, accuracy, and elegance. I'm excited, like the dude who discovered fire. Or rather, maybe the guy who developed it past its beta stages. At any rate, ME HAVE GEE PEE ESS BOX. And this time, it's in an unbelievably compact yet useful package. I dare say, it makes the iPhone look like a $10,000 chocolate Faberge egg. Though most ppl seem to agree that you don't need my phone to come to that conclusion. (I personally promised Woz I wouldn't repeat what he, uh, had to say about his opinions on the iPhone. Suffice to say: It made my day. Well, a lot of things make my day that day, but Woz gets special placement.)
  • Said new GPS rocks. Significantly. I started calling GPS systems by the female pronoun "she" since the first ones had female voices exclusively, and they sounded distinctly like a pissed off and disappointed gym teacher when you got lost. Maybe this "she" thing is rooted in maritime bullshit, maybe I watched too many Star Trek movies as a kid. Probably a combination of Star Trek and the fact many men have been known to, uh, feminize their cars. At any rate, she (the new GPS) rocks significantly harder then the one I had a "fling" with in 2000. She (the 2000 missus) was the ultimate at the time. But technology has marched on in its typically atypical, relentless fashion. I love my new toy... I mean tool. Comedian Marc Maron once said to a friend of his, who insisted that his computer was a 'tool': "It's not a tool. YOU'RE a tool, and it's using you to get to ME!" Maron's a blast in person too, by the way. What, I'm dropping too many names? Fuck it, I'm hardcore that way.

You Know Its Name.Want One? LG is Betting That You Do.

  • Here's my latest major personal technological revelation (and I'm not exaggerating when I say that): The ancient voice-only phones have now clearly been relegated to hanging out with the Stegosaurus. You can't fight progress, you can only argue whether the changes in question are in fact progress or just BS. Phones which do more than SIMPLY make PHONE CALLS are NOT necessarily a bad thing... if the product is is done RIGHT. (Are you listening to me, gadget industry? Do you HEAR ME???

    I'm serious about this. If you know me, you know I've scoffed at camera phones and other non-necessities for years. Being a photog, the quality of cameras in phones has always been laughable to me. I think I'm the one laughing now though. So, I say, defiantly waving my new Superphone at the buildings of tech giants here in Silicon Valley... I have lots to say on the subject, and you might want to listen to me when you're done kissing Mossberg and David Pogue's asses.

...Signing off (TEMPORARILY!) from near the end of far-flung "Travels and Travails"...

Jeremy Isaac

PS - Check this journal again real soon. There's much to tell about the summer, especially the last week. The stories, complete with pictures, will be good.... And that right soon...

PPS - Contest! Help me bestow a name on my faithful GPS Navigation System -- seen here. (Mine's charcoal colored, click that one. Ignore the hideous orange thing.)

Yeah. That's the Same Phone. Suck it, Blackberry!

Yep, same phone as above.
Suck it, Blackberry!

Contest Criteria:

  • Remember, it's a "she." (Though it does have several male and female voices... guess which one I choose.)
  • Email me, use the contact form, or post a comment -- winner gets $50 toward a VX9900 (because, in purely technical terms, it "0wns").

  • "She" has a pretty sexy voice for a computer, and she is much more tolerant of my driving mistakes than most women I know. However, the name must imply some air of imperfection -- after all, this is modern technology!
  • The names "Dingus" and "Doofus" are, as you may know, already taken. Though I wouldn't mind a female name with a similar tongue-in-cheek tone!

... ... ... ...