is Karma on too Wheels

Allez Elite Double

Caption: This is bicycle. Known Also as "Dharma". Is "balls-fuckin' beauty" (as Uncle Femruh has used to say it is :) ). Its a Special Elite Double. To drive, you put it in "H".

You'll spoon here read about new member of family. Be nice because it's all kinds "Turkish Special". Actually, jealous be because it's in "Special." Is a superb brand of bicycle, born in Santa Clarita Valley (aka "Silicon Mounds"), where some behind-scenes folks here Hackwrench GmbH just happen to live. And you believe me, is great biking country there out in farm's land.

Is two-wheeled beauty, this. Newly as acquired by my Turkish handmaid (o/b/o Hackwrench GmbH) was, however, for use obtained in harsh realm of strong New York City, where, indespite this, machine is "soft" of California heritage.And clearly I have kicked the tires cleanly!

Dominates the mean streets of Big Apple.

The Allex Eliffson (Double) is light as Matchbox car, you see, yet comes on several metric tons of good karma. Meet newest member of Hackwrench's elif. Traffic-Fighting/Carpe-Diem'ing Squad!

Best part is riding this bike from that, while "Prius" drivers are "looking" down there "noses" at gas guzzlers, YOU can HERE look down your gas guzzler at "them". And from what my Grand-old-Grammamama had use to say, as I've heard about Priuses and Prius drivers you can probably run them out as well on a Turk!

Happy Tire-ckicking!

Arthur Tribley (aus Turkreich)
Editor, Investigativative Journalism
Hackwrench GHb (roofles)
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