Drugs on the Beaches: Shame of the City

Dear Reader:

Here is an old letter I found in my archives. It succinctly wraps up a pretty interesting chapter in my life when I was a young reporter. This was what civilians like yourselves would call a "big career break". This whole incident enabled me to get some of the more high-level, down and dirty assignments New York City and Los Angeles have had to offer over the years. I'm still fighting the good fight with pen, not sword, currently residing in Brooklyn. I frequently travel to Los Angeles. It was in L.A. that I wrote the article referred to below.

Enjoy a little bit of my career history.

Sincerely Yours,
Arthur Tribley

P.S. Have a Nice Day



Dear Mr Boyd:

Alan Stanwyk murdered me tonight. The charred remains found by the police in the Jaguar are mine, not his. Mr. Stanwyk, using my name and passport, boarded Pan Am Flight 306 for Rio, where he intends to establish residence with his legal wife, the former Sally Ann Cavanaugh. Sally Ann and Alan were married four years ago and never divorced, making Stanwyk a bigamist -- even in Utah. Sally Ann can confirm all this when the police pick her up at the Airport Marriott.

Stanwyk is also traveling with three million dollars in cash, the result of Gail Stanwyk's conversion of Boyd Aviation stock. By the way, Alan is a very big drug smuggler, but you can read all about that in tomorrow's paper.

Sincerely yours,
Arthur Tribley

P.S. Arthur Tribley is not really a plagiarist.

Arthur Tribley
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