Who We Are

Hackwrench GmbH USA® (Formerly Hackenschlüssel Bayern GmbH) is an umbrella of publishing companies for artists in Europe, Canada, and the United States.

You may not be familiar with their names, but you've heard or seen our artists' work in television commercials and other media. If you have heard their names, you'll find familiar music and other works organized throughout this site. If you haven't heard their names, you'll still find material here that you've heard in a television show, commercial, or movie teaser or trailer. If you have any questions about the artists or material on this site, we invite you to use our contact form.

Information will be posted here on where you've heard our artists, where you may be hearing them soon, and how to obtain their music or videos for commercial use. There are lots of free samples on many of the artists' pages here. To answer a common question: Yes, several of our artists' music will be available for purchase, either here on the site or through familiar retail outlets. (Both on CDs/DVDs, in stores, and at online services such as iTunes.) The retail formats of our artists' music will be announced here as soon as they're available.

We are also planning newsletters soon so you’ll be able to sign up and receive notice by email, when an artist release or appearance is pending.

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Hackwrench GmbH - USA®

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