From 'The Sac', & Straight back into the Sack

Riding from rural California, through the subdivisions, and back into to the Bay Area, my trusty, as-yet-unnamed GPS phone getting me there safely and speedily*. (Well, the 4-liter V6 in the Impala helped a bit with the "speedily" part.)

Sacramento, CA
*Your help is needed to assist me in thinking of a name for my phone! See My Previous Journal Entry for how you can help, and maybe get one of these indispensable things in your own hot little hands.

Ever been tired from a vacation? When it's from too much fun, you know things are going pretty well. Anyways, it's good to be home. Not as good as still being on vacation, but what're you gonna do? Revel in the memories, that's what.

If fact, that is what the song lyrics in my previous post are there to say (among other things).

So, back from Sacramento, with virtually nothing but rich, fond memories and new friends. And fond memories of new friends. But I'll never forget the comedian's line (I just forget his name) when he said, after trying to get back to sleep after being woken up from a perfect dream: "Don't you hate it when that happens, and you're back in your own stinkin' life again?"

Here's a little glimpse of the entrepreneurs getting back to "work", back home in the Santa Clara Valley:

Smells Like Silicon SpiritSmells Like Silicon Spirit

So life is to continue. Live long and prosper. Vacations certainly help in that, even after they're over. The afterglow is palpable. With this past vacation, very much so.

At any rate, since back home, I've updated my Previous Journal Entry, the entry that originated during perhaps the only bit of "slow" time on the Sac trip. Check it out to read about the trip in all its glory. And this too: Professional quality pics of the far-flung activities should be up on here soon.

Jeremy Isaac