Hackwrench GmbH Acquires Locations of Operations in Several U.S. Cities

(FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE) May 27, 2007 - Hackwrench GmbH has announced the acquisition of several offices of operation in the United States for the conglomerate's expansion into America. Full details will be forthcoming in the following weeks; however, leasing arrangements for operational sites in the following locations have been secured: New York City, Palo Alto (San Francisco Bay Area), Los Angeles, Arlington VA, and Buffalo NY (Serving Toronto, Ont.).

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Hackwrench GmbH Welcomes Jordan Sikking, Vice President Public Relations

Hackwrench GmbHHackwrench GmbH(For Immediate Release) January 22, 2007 - Hackwrench GmbH is proud to welcome Jordan Sikking as Vice President of Worldwide Public Relations. Mr. Sikking has more than 20 years of experience in the news media, research methodologies, state government and legislature, and in various public relations disciplines.

Mr. Sikking has consulted at the executive PR level for more one dozen of the top 75 NYSE corporations and five at the top of the FWB, including Deutsche Bank, Reuters, and Credit Suisse.

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Submissions for Regional Consolidation

Please see the Forums for information on Regional Consolidation. Thank you.

Hannah Kirsebaum, VP Leasing, Hackwrench GmbH
email: hkirse@hackwrench.com
Public Inquiries: pradmin@hackwrench.com

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