Nostalgic For the Future I Once Had

Nostalgic For the Future I Once Had

The Thrill of Self-Discovery
In San Francisco, Some Time in 1997

Me: Not an "early adopter" in a certain sense of that tech-related term. But to leave it at that would give you the wrong impression of me. A distinction needs to be made, and in the following few words, I'll try to make it.


The expression early adopter leaves a (mixed but mostly) bad taste in my mouth, evoking a negative connotation -- born from numerous wealthy, spendthrift fathers of friends of mine, who clearly had more money than time to spend with their children. I would never see the father, but the son or daughter -- my friend -- in a number of strikingly similar cases, would invariably invite me 'round the house. Vast open interiors, devoid of actual human presence but teeming with expensive items that were clearly present for a whim's sake. I would, again, invariably be brought to the office-room full of gadgets. The expensive items, each touting a hopeful future if only their technological ideas would be permanently adopted, shouted out to me in a silent voice that I can only now really interpret: These fathers had no time for their children, only their jobs. And the multi-thousand-dollar trinkets (which is all they really were under the gloss and the hype) were, each, more of a child to this breadwinning-yet-still-absent father -- much more than his actual children. My friends didn't realize it at the time, but to their parents, it was they themselves -- the poor rich kids -- they had become obsolete.

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