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Gilbert Loman -- Junior Sales AssociateGilbert Loman -- Junior Sales Associate"I've been working here 28 years. They haven't given me a computer yet."

Gil has worked hard his entire life and ought to be retiring by now, living a life of luxury and closing deals with contractors on the phone. Instead, all of Gil's aspirations seem to have failed: We don't pay him much. He could easily be replaced by a man young enough to be his son -- or better yet, a damp cloth.

Gil is now forced to rely on loans from his next-door-neighbor Charley to make ends meet. Charley is the closest thing Gil has to a friend, but Gil still harbors jealousy and contempt toward him for being more successful. None of Gil's old friends or previous customers remember him. Biff, his 34-year-old son, has been unable to 'find himself' as a result of his inability to settle down (caused by Gil constantly insisting that he needed to 'make it big within two weeks'), and Happy, the younger son, lies shamelessly to make it seem as if he is the perfect Loman son. In contrast, Charley (who, Gil tells his boys conspiratorially, is not 'well-liked'), is now a successful businessman, and his son, Bernard, a formerly bespectacled bookworm, is now a brilliant lawyer.

This terrible ordeal broke Biff's faith in his father and sent him on a downward spiral. Finally, Gil is haunted by memories of his now-dead older brother, Ben, who at an early age left for Alaska, and later moved to Africa; "And when [he] walked out, [he] was rich!" Ben has constantly overshadowed Gil, and he is in many ways the man that Gil wanted to be. Ben's approach is heralded by idyllic music, showing Gil's idolization of him, and in flashbacks we see Gil asking for Ben's advice on parenting.

We don't know exactly how long he's been working here; we just know he's been at this a long time.

Gilbert Loman
Junior Sales Associate
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  • Uh, Yeah...
    Gil, I don't know how you got your 800 year old ass on the main page but please get someone in IT to take it the hell down. I know you don't have your own computer and don't even know what I'm talking about -- just repeat very slowly what I just said to one of the young guys with the beleagered looks on their faces. Yeah, the young ones that look that way.

    And Gil, I'm gonna need you to go ahead and give me that red stapler. OK.. That'd be great.

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